Thursday, April 19, 2012

Firewood Opportunities for May

Weekend personal-cut and use firewood continues to be available at the sites indicated for March and early April in Nanaimo, Nanoose and Port Alberni.

In addition, weekend firewood is available in the Shawnigan Lake area at 4890 Waters Road.  Permits are $30 for a personal truck load - one load per permit. 

Around Victoria Day long weekend, an additional firewood option should come available outside of Nanaimo, on our property at the intersection of Extension Road and White Rapids Road.

As always, personal safety equipment is absolutely necessary to purchase a permit.  This includes chainsaw pants, eye protection, hearing protection and stable footwear.

A "truckload" refers to either the box of a pick-up truck or a similarly sized tow trailer.  Each load costs the gate price; a maximum of six permits for six loads will be sold to one group per day.

Happy safe cutting.


  1. what is a "truck load " condidered to be ? also what is the limit of truck loads for personal use ? thanks

  2. Hi, are there directions available to this location? Google Maps shows it as in Glenora/Duncan area, not Shawnigan.

  3. Directions are best derived from an available mapping program, such as Google Maps. This area is in the Duncan/Glenora area.