Thursday, August 16, 2012

Recreational Trail Closure - Powell Forest Canoe Route

This is advance notice that a portion of the portage trail between Lois Lake and Horseshoe Lake, on the Powell Forest Canoe Route, will be closed from September 4, 2012 to the end of October 2012.  This closure is necessary to ensure the safety of both workers and the public as active forest operations take place along the portage trail.

CAMPSITES - Horseshoe River and Horseshoe Lake campsites are not safe for camping Sunday evening through to Thursday evenings in this window.

The trail will be open weekends (5pm to 4am), weekends and statutory holidays for recreational use. 
Expect trail closure signage in the area and plan your trip accordingly.

An alternate trail is available around activities on the Horseshoe River Road to the west of the Horseshoe River.

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  1. Temporary closures or delays along the Powell Forest Canoe Route in the Horseshoe River and Horseshoe Lake area have ceased for 2012. This access closure is lifted effective November 22.