Thursday, September 20, 2012

Public Firewood Opportunities for Fall

Personal cut firewood opportunities will commence this fall once the weather cools and we receive sufficient precipitation to allow for safe cutting.

The first area for cutting planned for opening will be on our private timberlands along White Rapids Road where it joins with Extension Road. 

Keep checking back to this blog for the first weekend opening for public firewood.


  1. Public firewood opportunities are expected to commence the weekend of October 19-21, weather dependent. Stay tuned!

  2. Public firewood cutting opportunities will commence this weekend in Nanaimo, Powell River and Port Alberni. Expect a regular pick-up truck load (or 1 cord) to cost $30 - cash only at the cutting site. All people interested in personal cut firewood must be able to present safety equipment to the permit issuers, including steel toe boots, chainsaw pants, eye protection and ear protection. Locations and times to be posted by Friday.