Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gate closures & public firewood - Weekend of October 27-28

All gated and ungated properties are open for respectful recreation this upcoming weekend.

The gate hours for the Copper Canyon have been revised:  6am-4pm.

Personal cut firewood opportunities will be available by permit from approximately 8am-3pm at the following locations:
  • Extension/White Rapids Road;
  • Nanaimo Lakes Road 47;
  • Okeover (Powell River);
  • Buckley Bay gate;
  • Northwest Bay gate;
  • Shawnigan gate; and
  • Port Alberni (contact Fish and Game Club @ 250.724.4657 (Darlene) or 778.421.1947 (Donna or Russ)).


  1. Do they all open at 6am?

  2. Gate timing is available in the posting for the weekend of October 20-21.

  3. where is the firewood permit area for the shawnigan area. also, is that the gate up waters rd?

  4. where is the firewood permit area at shawnigan gate area up waters rd?

  5. Will Iron River be open this weekend (Oct.27-28) ?

  6. The Iron River gate will be open this weekend; however, there will be no public firewood at this location.

  7. Permits for firewood cutting in the Shawnigan area will be available at our Shawnigan gate, located just off Waters Road. This gate will be open at 6am Saturday and Sunday.