Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gate Closures and Public Firewood - Weekend of November 2-4

All gated and un-gated properties are open for safe, respectful recreation this weekend.

Hunting is permitted with the expectation that each individual has the appropriate license(s) and permit(s) in place as required under legislation.

Gate timing for recreationalists is as follows:

• Buckley Bay: 6am - 4pm
• Northwest Bay: 7am - 5pm
• Nanaimo River: 6am - 3pm
• Copper Canyon: 6am-4pm
• Shawnigan: 6am - 4pm

To enter Nanaimo River area, you must also have undertaken watershed etiquette training and present your personal permit from this training. Training is available through the Nanaimo & District Fish & Game club.

Public firewood permits will be available at the following locations from approximately 8am-3pm at the following locations:

• Nanaimo Lakes Road 47
• Okeover (Powell River)
• Buckley Bay gate
• Northwest Bay gate
• Shawnigan gate; and
• Port Alberni (contact Fish and Game Club @ 250.724.4657 (Darlene) or 778.421.1947 (Donna or Russ)).

Safety gear must be available to show at the time of permit purchase. This includes eye protection, ear protection, steel-toed footwear and chainsaw pants.


  1. Could you tell me if Iron River will be open for hunting this weekend ? If so what time will the gate open ?

  2. Iron River gate is expected to be open - approximately 6am-3pm.