Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gate openings & public firewood locations - Weekend of November 24-25

All un-gated areas are open for respectful recreation this weekend. Gate opening times are as follows:

• Buckley Bay: 6am - 4pm
• Northwest Bay: 7am - 5pm
• Nanaimo River: 6am - 3pm
• Copper Canyon: 6am-4pm
• Shawnigan: 6am - 4pm
• Iron River: 6:30am - 4:30pm

Please be aware it is still hunting season; dress appropriately.
Public firewood cutting permits and locations are available at the following locations Saturday and Sunday approximately 8am-3pm:

• Buckley Bay gate;
• Northwest Bay gate;
• Nanaimo Lakes Road (NLR-47) at 4.7 km;
• Shawnigan gate; and
• Copper Canyon.

Our fall firewood cutting season will wrap up shortly, so get out this weekend to stock up your supply.

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