Tuesday, September 3, 2013

General Access Policy

Island Timberlands considers its private road network to generally be closed to the public on weekdays, with the exception a few designated road systems.  This perspective is to mitigate interaction between the public and workers to minimize safety risks and damage to assets (e.g. equipment vandalism, garbage dumping).  
Road access is open to the public on weekends in areas where gates are open.  However, if heightened risk to our assets is expected (e.g. increasing forest fire danger risk) or damage has been experienced, public access will be restricted.

Walking on trails on the property is generally permitted unless otherwise marked on the ground, on our website or both.  It is expected that people will abide by all signage but lack of signage does not infer lack of activity.  It is a use-at-your-own-risk approach and one should expect the unexpected.  

Motorized recreational use of trails by unlicensed off-road vehicles is not permitted.

We hope and expect that all users will respect this approach at this time and report any negligent and/or unlawful behavior to Island Timberlands immediately.    

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