Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gate Openings for the Weekend of September 27-28

The following gates are scheduled to be open this weekend for safe, responsible recreation.

Northwest Bay: Gate opens at 7am and closes at 4pm.

Nanaimo River:  Gate opens at 6am and closes at 3pm.  You must have a watershed permit to enter.

Copper Canyon: Gate opens at 6am and closes at 5pm.

Shawnigan: Gate opens at 6am and closes at 5pm.

Iron River/Oyster River: Gate opens at 6am and closes at 5pm.

Buckley Bay:  Gate opens at 6am and closes at 5pm.

Be prepared that gate times are prompt and if you are not out in time, your vehicle will be locked behind the gate for the evening.

No firewood at this time.

The road system (Cameron Main - Pass Main) leading up to Mt. Arrowsmith Regional Park is planned to be open for the weekend.  Hiking up the CPR Trail is open for the weekend.

The road systems accessing Mt. Apps and Mt. Clifton are expected to be closed for the weekend.

Report-a-wildfire by calling *5555 using your mobile phone.


  1. No fire wood when do you think it will open for wood

  2. We will likely start selling permits for personal firewood harvesting in the first weekend of October.

  3. Is there active logging in loon lake area near port alberni.
    Thank you

  4. Presently we have some activity around Loon Lake.

  5. Can i get a water shed permit at the gate

  6. Watershed permits are issued by the Nanaimo Fish and Game club. There is some watershed awareness material that must be reviewed prior to having a permit issued. They are not available at the gate.

  7. how can I get a firewood permit, and when will the online application be up and ready to use?

  8. how can I get a firewood permit

  9. The website is offering permit sales as of 10:30am.