Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gate Openings and Public Firewood Opportunities - Weekend of January 31 - February 1

The following gates are scheduled to be open this weekend for safe, responsible recreation.

Northwest Bay: Gate opens at 7am and closes at 4pm.  Public firewood will be available through this gate.

Copper Canyon: Gate opens at 7am and closes at 4pm.  Public firewood will be available through this gate.

Shawnigan: Gate opens at 7am and closes at 4pm.  No public firewood available through this gate.

Be prepared that gate times are prompt and if you are not out in time, your vehicle will be locked behind the gate for the evening.  You may not be granted access to enter through these gates if you arrive to enter within a hour or two of closing time.

Expect the unexpected travelling on private industrial roads.  Please travel with caution.


  1. Hello IT,
    Can you please advise if there are firewood cutting opportunities upcoming for the Nanaimo area as has been in the past few years with the proceeds going to local community groups. Thank you!

  2. Planned firewood cutting opportunities in Nanaimo will be posted here when and where they are planned.

  3. IT,
    I follow your blog regularly and can appreciate the fact that you don't wish to commit details at this time. I was just wanting to know in general if I should be making plans to go to Copper Canyon or Northwest Bay in lieu of there not being any likelihood of openings in Nanaimo this season. Thanks again!

  4. There will likely be firewood available to the public through our community fundraising program in Nanaimo this spring. No further details can be confirmed at this time.

  5. Hi, I usually go through the Shawnigan gate to get firewood. I see it hasn't been open for firewood for a few weeks. Is there any info you can give me about when it may reopen. ie. is this for temporary reasons, or a seasonal shut-down, so it will be awhile. Thanks. p.s. The gentleman who works at the Shawnigan Gate is great, really friendly and helpful.

  6. Personal firewood harvesting options in the Shawnigan area are temporarily closed. We anticipate opportunities in this area this spring. Thank you for the compliment of our gate attendant.