Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Gate Openings for the Weekend of March 7-8

The following gates are scheduled to be open this weekend for safe, responsible recreation:

Northwest Bay: Gate opens by 9am, and will close promptly at 4pm.

Copper Canyon: Gate opens by 10am, and will close promptly at 4pm.

Shawnigan: Gate opens by 10am, and will close promptly at 4pm.

Comox21:  Gate will be opened by 10am Saturday for the foreseeable future (access to Elsie Lake).

Comox Main: Island Timberlands/TimberWest gate:  This gate is located near the back of the Ash Valley.  It will be locked for the foreseeable future.

Public firewood will be sold only through our Northwest Bay gate in Nanoose Bay this weekend.


  1. was at the gate at Comox 21 Saturday afternoon and it was still locked.

  2. This gate at Comox 21 was opened on Friday afternoon. We will look into how it was locked again within 24 hours. Thank you for letting us know.

  3. Thank you. We use it to acces our cabin on Comox Lake saves a lot of time when it is open.

  4. is there any firewood cutting in glenora or copper cyan soon for us local people to cut please let us know whats going on

  5. Firewood will be made available for personal cutting by the end of March south of Nanaimo.
    We appreciate your patience.