Thursday, March 12, 2015

Public Firewood Opportunity - Weekend of March 14-15

The Vancouver Island University Men's Basketball team is selling firewood permits to the public at our Nanoose Bay location this weekend.

The gate will open at 9am and is expected to close at 4pm.  They will not be selling permits past 3pm.

A permit is valid for a truckload of firewood; it costs $30 cash.

In order to purchase a permit, you must demonstrate you have the correct safety gear with you as you travel in.  This includes stable, closed-toe footwear, eye protection and chainsaw pants/pads.  Hearing protection is recommended.

You can travel in and out cutting up to three loads per day for personal use.

As a trial for this weekend, a commercial firewood contractor will be set up on site to help speed your firewood cutting.  If you would like to employ their services, an extra cash charge will be organized by their crew.


  1. Is it possible to access the cutting area with an SUV pulling a trailer?

  2. Yes, the access will be about 1 km on a flat gravel road.

  3. Any idea when Nanaimo lakes will open for firewood? Thanks

  4. Any idea when Nanaimo lakes will open for firewood. Thanks

  5. We anticipate firewood location sites to be in Qualicum, Nanoose and Chemainus this weekend. There will likely be a Nanaimo location the weekend following. Stay tuned!