Thursday, September 3, 2015

Access information for the weekend of September 5-7

All main gates are planned to be open for the upcoming long weekend. All trails are also open for recreation including the Trans-Canada Trail, Alberni Inlet Trail & CPR Trail.

Gate times are as follows:

For the gates on the east side of Vancouver Island, the times the gates will be open are as follows:

 - Northwest Bay, Copper Canyon, Shawnigan:  The gate will be open at 8am and will be closed at 5pm.

Gates will be closed promptly at 5pm.  Staff will not be deployed to open the gate after hours if you are late leaving the woods.

The Iron River/Oyster River and Buckley Bay gates will not be opened this weekend.

For the Alberni Valley, gates for Cameron Main, Canal Main, and Comox Trail are planned to be open.  Some smaller roads may be gated off the mainlines to protect our assets.

Hunting season is starting for the year so be careful and watch out for fellow recreationalists.

Firewood harvesting for personal use will be available starting this weekend.  Review the firewood specific blog post.

Please no fires, and no camping.

If you do spot a wildfire, report it to the Coastal Fire Center at *5555 from your mobile phone.


  1. This is great news - thank you!
    I was just out at gate #148 at the end of Pannell Road, and it still has 'keep out- extreme fire danger' signs posted. Will it be open to hunting (on foot) next week? Thank you!

  2. Cameron connector gate, does it close at 5pm too?

  3. The Cameron Connector gate is not anticipated to be closed this weekend.

  4. Our main gates, such as the Shawnigan/Glenora gate, will be opened for specific hours during the hunting season. Many of our less used roads, or spur roads, may not be opened due to resources. However, access on foot past them during the posted hunting hours is permitted - weekends only.

  5. Can you tell me if Turtle Main and the road into Patterson Lake will be opened please? Jack

  6. Are the Cameron Main gates open on Thursday September 10 for hiking into Minas Ridge?

  7. We do not promote recreation on our property on weekdays. We cannot guarantee Cameron Main will be open, or that access to Minnas Ridge is not compromised from our activities.

    It will be open for this coming Saturday and Sunday.

  8. The gate accessing Turtle Main will be scheduled for opening this coming weekend - September 12-13.

  9. Are gates open weekdays for access to Mt Arrowsmith and Mt Cokely?

  10. Are gates open weekdays in October for access to Mts Arrowsmith?

  11. Is Cameron Main open during weekdays for access to Mt Arrowsmith?

  12. Access to Mt. Arrowsmith is promoted for weekends and statutory holidays. Week to week we cannot guarantee it is accessible to the public.