Friday, September 18, 2015

Community Firewood Fundraiser for the Weekend of September 19-20

One area is open in the mid-Island region for firewood harvesting, funding a local community group.

Permits are for purchase in these areas cash only at the site.  Sales and firewood cutting will start at 8am Saturday and Sunday, and close promptly at 4pm.  Permits will not be sold past 3pm to ensure everyone can complete their harvesting in time.  Permits are $30.

  • Hilliers:  Kirkwood Dance Academy will be hosting firewood cutting on site just off of Highway 4 where it intersects with Hilliers Road South, west of the Town of Qualicum Beach.
Safety gear is mandatory while cutting; you will not be sold a firewood permit if you cannot present your safety gear before you enter the site and privileges will be revoked if you do not wear it while cutting.  Gear includes protective footwear, eye protection, ear protection and chainsaw pads/pants.
Safety is our priority.

Any questions, just submit them here on the blog to get the answers for everyone to read.


  1. I took a load on Sunday 20th. How long ago was this site cut? I am trying to figure out how dry the wood might be.

  2. This site was harvested around March 2015.

  3. When will you post for next weekend openings

  4. We typically post by late Thursday access and firewood information for the upcoming weekend.