Friday, September 25, 2015

Firewood Opportunities for the Weekend of September 26-27

Permits for firewood harvesting, and access to firewood areas, will be available for sale this weekend. This weekend the only areas open to purchase firewood for are Shawnigan, Chemainus, Northwest Bay, Extension Road, Buckley Bay, Oyster, Ash, Cameron and Ucluelet on our 'Operating Area' list.  Do not select others as you will not be issued a correct permit.

Note - The Extension Road area is considered 'Northwest Bay' as well in our dropdown listing of operating areas.

If you are have difficulties, please email and we will respond to you.  You can also call 250-468-6810 and leave a voicemail.

Safety Equipment Required:
Safety gear is mandatory while cutting; you will not be sold a firewood permit if you cannot present your safety gear before you enter the site and privileges will be revoked if you do not wear it while cutting.  Gear includes protective footwear, eye protection, ear protection and chainsaw pads/pants.
Safety is our priority.

There are two ways to purchase a firewood permit:

First, we have introduced online permit sales from our website. Go to, fill out the form and pay using your credit card or PayPal.

Once payment has occurred, you will be emailed your firewood permit, the map of the area for firewood harvesting and the rules applicable to firewood harvesting.

Second, permits and associated maps are available for purchase at two visitor information centers on Vancouver Island:

  • For Shawnigan area - the Cowichan Regional Visitor Center at 2896 Drinkwater Road (250-746-4636) in Duncan; hours are 9am-5pm Monday-Saturday, and 10am-2pm for Sundays;
  • For Port Alberni - the Port Alberni Visitor Center at 2533 Port Alberni Hwy; hours are 9am-5pm daily.
You must have a copy of your firewood permit on you at all times when cutting firewood, and transporting it to your residence.  It can be on paper, or on a tablet or smartphone.

Please review gate timing on the 'Access Information' blog post for this weekend to ensure you are not too early or too late to get your firewood.

Community firewood fundraiser wood is available, please review its individual blog post for this weekend.


  1. Tried to purchase a firewood permit for Buckley Bay area this morning (Sept.25) using the new online method but it seems that it doesn't work.
    I filled in all my information as required but once I submitted the form all I got was a long error message.

  2. Lee, if you can email the details of the error message to us at we can sort it out.

    There have been some issues with the online payment. We recommend spending a few minutes creating an official PayPal account and then re-trying the permit purchase.

  3. I usually go to the Northwest Bay Gate to get my wood, but I was there 2 weeks ago and it was very hard slogging and quite picked over. Apparently last weekend it was just the same. Query are there any new areas opening up in the NOrthwest bay area this weekend?

  4. The harvest areas available in Northwest Bay are the same this weekend as the past two weekends.

    We will consider offering new areas once we complete harvesting in areas we deem safe for the public to access, and have readily available firewood.

  5. If you have attempted to purchase a permit and you have not received an email from Island Timberlands and PayPal, your purchase was unsuccessful. Try with another credit card, and try purchase through signing up for a PayPal account. No email, no permit, no cutting privileges.

  6. Will there be any upcoming u-cut openings in the Shawnigan/ South Duncan area in the near future? I see the permit page is indicating 'no sales at this time" seemingly for anywhere.

  7. Firewood opportunities will be available for the upcoming weekend. We have paused the sales of permits through our website for the first half of this week while we do some web improvements to simplify the process for the public. We expect permits to begin selling again on Friday.

  8. Tried for months to purchase this online permit! Used visa debit, visa, Mastercard just no responce and says approved but no email permit.

  9. Hi Vancouver Island Fence Co. If you can send us an email at we can connect with you and investigate why you are having trouble.

  10. When does chemainus gate open next for firewood

  11. We do not have a timeline for when and where firewood will be for any area. When we have a harvest area that we deem is safe for the public to drive to and harvest firewood in, we will post the information here. Thanks for your interest.