Thursday, October 1, 2015

Access Information for the Weekend of October 3-4

The following gates are expected to be open.  Do not expect any additional gates to be opened for the weekend.
  • Shawnigan*: Open 6am / close 4pm.
  • Copper Canyon*:  Open 6am / close 4pm.
  • Nanaimo River Camp*:  Open 6am / close 3pm.
  • Extension Road @ Virostko Road:  Open 9am / close 5pm (for firewood only).
  • Northwest Bay*:  Open 6am / close 4pm.
  • Buckley Bay*:  Open 6am / close 4pm.
  • Oyster River*:  Open 6am / close 4pm.
  • Cameron Main, Ash Main, Comox Main, Canal Main:  Open 

These gates will be closed promptly at these posted times.  You will be locked in for the night if you do not plan your exit time accordingly.

All other gates not listed may or may not be open, and may be closed at any time. If you enter with your vehicle you risk being locked in.  Please do not park your vehicle blocking any road, at any time.

You are required to sign in at all gates with an asterisk (*).  There will be gate attendants and/or a registration board.

Firewood harvesting for personal use is available; please review the firewood specific blog post.

No fires, no camping, and no off-road vehicles are authorized on our private property.


  1. Are there active logging or road closures between Port Alberni and Gracie Lake or Deep Lake?

  2. Thanks for the openings and access.

    Is there a map or addresses somewhere for the location of these gates?

  3. Are the actual locations of these gates indicated somewhere on this website?

  4. These are not Island Timberlands' roads, so we cannot say one way or another.

  5. No official map. Some previous blog postings state gate locations. We can provide that in future blog posts from time to time.

  6. Surprised and disappointed that we were turned back at the NW Bay gate because we we're riding (registered-licensed-insured) motorcycles - basically two-wheeled SUVs.
    Please verify if the action taken was correct, it seems a rather broad-brush approach to banning OHV (Off Highway Vehicles) from your property.

  7. Off road vehicles are not permitted on our private land except under authorized permits. The blog posting here indicates this.

  8. whos roads are they so I can find out about access

  9. Is there access during October 13-14 in Shawnigan glenora Rd?

  10. This gate, along with others, will be open for the upcoming weekend and holiday Monday. Access is not permitted during the week.

  11. Will the ash main gate be open for the long weekend from port alberni to comox lake?

  12. The access road between Port Alberni and Courtenay was deactivated months ago. There is no access to the public on these back roads between these communities.