Friday, October 16, 2015

Access information for the Weekend of October 17-18

The following gates are expected to be open for this weekend.
Do not expect any additional gates to be opened for the weekend.
  • Shawnigan*: Open 6am / close 4pm.
  • Chemainus*:  Open 6am/ close 4pm.  Note the road is closed for the foreseeable future at 22km.  You cannot access past this point.
  • Nanaimo River Camp*:  Open 6am / close 3pm.
  • Northwest Bay*:  Open 6am / close 4pm.
  • Buckley Bay*:  Open 6am / close 4pm.
  • Oyster River*:  Open 6am / close 4pm.
  • Cameron Main, Ash Main, Comox Main, Canal Main:  Open 

These gates will be closed promptly at these posted times.  You will be locked in for the night if you do not plan your exit time accordingly.

All other gates not listed may or may not be open, and may be closed at any time. If you enter with your vehicle you risk being locked in.  Please do not park your vehicle blocking any road, at any time.

You are required to sign in at all gates with an asterisk (*).  There will be gate attendants and/or a registration board.

Firewood harvesting for personal use is available; please review the firewood specific blog post.

No fires, no camping, and no off-road vehicles are authorized on our private property.


  1. I have tried to ibtain a fw permit for several hours useing two different credit cards without success,The transaction goes to the final phase where I am supposed to get a permit,the transaction message comes up but that is where it ends.what is wrong ?

  2. Yes, it appears there is a bug with our firewood permit sales through PayPal today. We are working on fixing it.

  3. Applyed for firewood permit said thank you for purchace but has not sent email yet

  4. If you do not receive two emails immediately the transaction was not successful. Ensure you have a stable internet connection, and try another credit card.

  5. Applyed for firewood permit said thank you for purchace but has not sent email yet

  6. If you did not receive the permit right away, the transaction was not successful. A few tips: you can try with a different credit card, try erasing all cookies on your device and refreshing the website, and check to make sure you have a stable internet connection.

  7. IT, is Cameron Main open weekdays in October for access to Mt Arrowsmith?

  8. Good morning. Will there be another permit for dates in the near future or on an individual basis for locals. Doug in Shawnigan

  9. Firewood in the Shawnigan area is anticipated for the next few weekends for the public. Please review posts specific to firewood.

  10. Public access on our private industrial roads is not permitted on weekdays unless under special authorization. Access is generally available on weekends.