Friday, November 20, 2015

Nanaimo Community Firewood Fundraiser - Weekend of November 21-22

Volunteer Nanaimo will be selling firewood permits at our NLR47 gate this weekend (Nanaimo Lakes Road, approximately 4.7km from the intersection of Wakesiah & Nanaimo Lakes Road).

Permits will be sold for $30 cash per load (~2/3 of a cord, i.e one pick-up truck or trailer).

Sales will start at 8am and close at 3pm.

Safety gear is mandatory while cutting; you will not be sold a firewood permit if you cannot present your safety gear before you enter the site and privileges will be revoked if you do not wear it while cutting.  Gear includes protective footwear, eye protection, ear protection, gloves and chainsaw pads/pants.

Safety is our priority.

Any questions, just submit them here on the blog to get the answers for everyone to read.


  1. I have been try to get a permit for northwest bay all last weekend and its not working so how do I get a permit?
    Thanks Greg

  2. Hi Greg,

    Are you referring to our online permit purchasing program through our website not working? Have you tried registering for a PayPal account, or using a different credit card through the non-PayPal purchase option?

    We plan to have permits for sale, in person, in the Nanaimo area again this weekend for firewood harvesting.