Thursday, December 10, 2015

Access Information for the Weekend of December 12-13

The following gates are expected to be open for this weekend.
Do not expect any additional gates to be opened for the weekend.
  • Shawnigan*: Open 8am / close 4pm.
  • Northwest Bay*:  Open 8am / close 4pm.
  • Cameron Main : Open, from 8km up.  Closed from 0km-8km.
  • Cameron Connector:  Open.
  • Ash Main, Comox Main, Canal Main:  Open 
  • Pass Main (access to Mt. Arrowsmith):  Open

These gates will be closed promptly at these posted times.  You will be locked in for the night if you do not plan your exit time accordingly.

All other gates not listed may or may not be open, and may be closed at any time. If you enter with your vehicle you risk being locked in; we will not send staff out to open any gate after hours.

Please do not park your vehicle blocking any road, at any time.

If you are locked behind a gate or found blocking road access, prepare to pay a tow truck driver to have the gate opened, or your vehicle towing fee.

You are required to sign in at all gates with an asterisk (*).  There will be gate attendants and/or a registration board.

Firewood harvesting for personal use is available; please review the firewood specific blog post.

No fires, no camping, and no off-road vehicles (i.e. ATVs, UTVs, buggies or side-by-sides) are authorized on our private property.


  1. Will copper canyon be open at all over the winter and spring months?

  2. Will the Buckley bay main remain open this winter?

  3. Our Buckley Bay property is closed to the public generally outside the deer hunting season. It is closed now and is expected to be closed for the foreseeable future.

  4. I live in Port Alberni and fish local rivers, usually Monday thru Friday. I want to know if Comox and Ash Main roads will be open to private vehicle access thru the week. Thanks.

  5. Is the dirtbike track in timberlands across from the malaspina training yard still open to the public and dirt bikes? Obviously insured and plated riders and their kids.

  6. If you are referring to the "wastelands" in the Dumont area, that is managed by the Nanaimo Motocross Association. I found their website - If this is not what you are referring to, you will have to be more specific.

  7. No timberlands In Cassidy up from the airport there is a small riding area just past the main gate on timberlands Rd. Which also includes a small dirt track for the kids, believe malaspina maintains it for the public at times. The gate is open from 6am-6pm which would lead up to Mt. Hayes, there Is the malaspina training yard, and in the corner there has been a small track for dirt bikes. Is this area, or most areas accessed off timberlands still open for public plated and insured riding?

  8. We have no licensed areas for off road vehicle use in the Cassidy area.

  9. Copper Canyon is not expected to be open over the winter. Please continue to check out our blog from time to time to review access opportunities.

  10. We do not open our property for public access during the week. However, we do open it up on weekends and statutory holidays.
    Please check out future postings for any concerns around where you may want to access.