Friday, January 22, 2016

Firewood Opportunities for the Weekend of January 23-24

Three areas are open for firewood for this weekend:  Northwest Bay and Port Alberni (Cameron and Ash).  There is a community firewood fundraiser in Nanaimo off Nanaimo Lakes Road 47 (NLR-47).  This is the first major gate on the right hand side of the road past the Nanaimo Fish & Game Club.

Permits for Northwest Bay and Port Alberni can be purchased online at our website or at the two respective Tourist Information Centers - Port Alberni and Parksville.

  • For Port Alberni area firewood, go to the Port Alberni Visitor Center at 2533 Port Alberni Highway; and
  • For Northwest Bay area firewood, go to the Parksville Visitor Center at 1275 East Island Highway.
Permits for the community firewood fundraiser are purchased on-site, 8am-3pm Saturday & Sunday.  $30 cash - no exceptions.  Partial proceeds benefit the Chase River Elementary PAC.

There is no firewood available in the Shawnigan, Chemainus, Oyster, Buckley Bay, Port McNeill, Powell River or Extension areas at this time.

Safety Equipment Required:
Safety gear is mandatory while cutting; you will not be sold a firewood permit if you cannot present your safety gear before you enter the site and privileges will be revoked if you do not wear it while cutting.  Gear includes protective footwear, eye protection, ear protection, chainsaw pads/pants and gloves.

You must have a copy of your firewood permit on you at all times when cutting firewood, and transporting it to your residence.  It can be on paper, or on a tablet or smartphone.

Please review gate timing on the 'Access Information' blog post for this weekend to ensure you are not too early or too late to get your firewood.


  1. Will there be any openings for firewood In the Oyster river (Iron River) this spring.

    Thank you

  2. We may have firewood opportunities in Oyster in the spring, however it is unlikely as we have not been active harvesting in the area recently - and that activity is what creates our firewood opportunities.

  3. Is it possible to request weekend access. While hunting up there this last fall, I noted multiple options on the Cariboo side once past the Iron river gate. Wood that was left piled but not burned.

  4. We will consider opening up the area in the spring/summer for firewood.