Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Firewood Opportunities for the Weekend of February 20-21

Two areas are open for firewood for this weekend:  Northwest Bay and Port Alberni (Cameron and Ash).  For those interested, there is a new area available for the Northwest Bay firewood. 

Permits for these two areas are available online at our website or at the two respective Tourist Information Centers - Port Alberni and Parksville.  You must carry your permit with you at all times.  If you are stopped without a permit, you will have to dump your load.
  • For Port Alberni area firewood, go to the Port Alberni Visitor Center at 2533 Port Alberni Highway; and
  • For Northwest Bay area firewood, go to the Parksville Visitor Center at 1275 East Island Highway.
There is no firewood available in any other area at this time.  We expect another area to open in the Qualicum Bay area in the next couple weeks.

Safety Equipment Required:
Gear includes protective footwear, eye protection, ear protection, chainsaw pads/pants and gloves.

Safety gear is mandatory while cutting; you will not be sold a firewood permit if you cannot present your safety gear before you enter the site and privileges will be revoked if you do not wear it while cutting.

Please review gate timing on the 'Access Information' blog post for this weekend to ensure you are not too early or too late to get your firewood.


  1. was just wondering with the new area at northwest bay open is the wood seasoned or not plus can we still cut in the other areas that we where in thanks

  2. There is one new area open for Northwest Bay starting this weekend. The wood is fresh, not seasoned. This is the only site to harvest wood from. Our permits are tied to the site maps given with them.

  3. will the qualicum bay site be seasoned or is it fresh too

  4. All firewood to be released in the short term, including Qualicum and Northwest Bay, will be fresh. We typically open up firewood shortly after we complete harvesting ourselves.

  5. Can one access Mt Brenton via Copper canyon?
    Not for wood just an outing.

  6. We are providing access on weekends to this area. Gate is open 8am-4pm Saturday and Sunday.

  7. what about motorcycle access on your roads?

  8. Registered and insured motorcycles with licensed drivers may drive on our industrial roads on weekends where gates are open. No off-road or trail use.