Thursday, March 31, 2016

Access Information for the Weekend of April 2-3

The following gates and major roads are expected to be open this weekend.
We permit access on weekends only.  Do not expect any additional gates to be opened.
  • Shawnigan (Glenora):  Open 9am-3pm
  • Mines Road:  Open 8am-4pm 
  • Copper Canyon (Chemainus Main):  Open 8am-4pm to 22km only  
  • Myles Lake Road:  Closed
  • Northwest Bay:  Open 8am-4pm
  • Spider Lake Main (Ashling Road): Open 8:30am-3:30pm 
  • Cameron Main : Open
  • Cameron Connector:  Open
  • Loon Lake Main: Closed
  • Ash Main:  Open
  • Comox Main:  Open
  • Canal Main:  Open 
  • Pass Main (access to Mt. Arrowsmith):  Open
  • Buckley Bay:  Closed
  • Oyster River: Closed

These gates will be closed promptly at these posted times.  You will be locked in for the night if you do not plan your exit time accordingly.  All other gates not listed may or may not be open, and may be closed at any time.

If you enter with your vehicle you risk being locked in; we will not send staff out to open any gate for you after hours as listed above, or if it is not posted to be open.  You will have to pay a tow truck to have your vehicle removed. 

Firewood harvesting for personal use is available; please review the firewood specific blog post for the weekend.  If you have questions or comments, post to the blog under the firewood posting.

No fires, no camping, and no off-road vehicles (i.e. ATVs, UTVs, buggies or side-by-sides) are authorized on our private property.


  1. Can the Pannell road gate be opened for rec use?
    What would it take to get you guys to start opening that one?

  2. We have limited resources for the opening and closing of gates, and patrolling of areas. It is good for us to understand there is interest at this gate; we'll take it into future consideration for openings.

  3. What about horse access? Are horses allowed? Right now that gate at pannell is immpassable on horseback. It was dug up and modified recently.

  4. We permit non-motorized access generally on our properties, on weekends, where there is little risk to our assets being damaged or stolen, as well as safety risks to the public.

  5. Is shawnigan division (glenora) open for firewood ?

  6. Firewood questions are best posted on the firewood postings. There is firewood available for this coming weekend in the Mines Road area, but not through our Shawnigan main gate off Waters Road.

  7. Why did you have to block off the gate at pannell road. I am anew hunter and now that it's bear season, blocking that gate really took the wind out of my sales to speak. My family really enjoyed accessing that gate for rec use. I have insurance on my ATV.

  8. Off road vehicles, including ATVs, are not generally welcomed on our property. This access restriction has been put in place to restrict access to ATVs. Please visit Crown land to use your off road vehicle.