Thursday, May 19, 2016

Access Information for the Weekend of May 21-23 - UPDATED

The following gates and major roads are expected to be open this weekend.  The rest are closed due high to very high forest fire risk.

No fires, no camping, and no off-road vehicles (i.e. ATVs, UTVs, buggies or side-by-sides) are authorized on our private property.

Do not expect any additional gates to be opened.

  • Cameron Main : Open; access to BC Recreation Site at Labour Day Lake open
  • Cameron Connector:  Open
  • Ash Main:  Open; access to BC Recreation Sites at Lowry Lake and Scout Camp/Beach available
  • Pass Main (access to Mt. Arrowsmith):  Open
  • Comox Main:  Open
  • Museum Main (access to BC Recreation Site at Father and Son Lake):  Open

Have a safe long weekend.


  1. Have you reviewed fire weather information and will you reopen the fire wood opportunities?

  2. To re-open firewood we would have to see a longer-term trend of wet and cool weather. At this point we will monitor the change through next week and decide for next weekend. No firewood for May long weekend. Great question.

  3. I noticed copper canyon hasn't been mentioned at all the last few months... Is the range accessable?

  4. The range is accessible by club members under conditions working with us. It is best for range members to contact the range to understand their operating hours.

  5. Just wondering what the chances are of the Northwest Bay Gate opened this coming weekend? Thanks.

  6. We will review the weather outlook for the coming weekend on Thursday, along with our forest fire hazard information. We will open and close our key gates based on this information.
    The blog will be updated by Friday afternoon.

  7. Thanks for the quick reply! *fingers crossed*