Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Access Information for the Weekend of August 20th

To report a wildfire or irresponsible behaviour call 1-800-663-5555 or *5555 from a cell phone.

Weather conditions are creating high to extreme fire hazard in some areas.  We are implementing closures to ensure public safety and the protection of the forest.  Please respect signs and gates.  The following closures are in effect for this weekend:
  • Cameron Main: Closed; access to BC Recreation Site at Labour Day Lake is available via the Cameron Connector from the Alberni Highway
  • Cameron Connector:  Access to Pass Main and Mt. Arrowsmith is available via the Cameron Connector from the Alberni Highway
  • Ash Main: Closed at 286; access to Lowry Lake and Brown's Bay is available
  • Comox Main: Closed
  • Museum Main: Closed
  • Northwest Bay:  Closed
  • Chemainus Main (Copper Canyon):  Closed
  • Glenora (Shawnigan): Closed

Trans Canada Trail Notification:  The Trans Canada Trail at Extension Ridge in Nanaimo is no longer closed.

Firewood Notification:  Public firewood cutting has been closed for the summer and will resume in the fall.

Please enjoy your weekend safely!

No fires, camping, or off-road vehicles (i.e. ATVs, UTVs, buggies or side-by-sides)  are permitted on our property, unless authorized by Island Timberlands.

If you see any suspicious activities on our lands you can report them anonymously on our Website   On our home page, and at the bottom right hand corner, hover your pointer on the word "Contact", select, then go to the Type of Enquiries drop down.  Select "Report Suspicious Activities" make sure you also enter in the random passcode which appears just below your message.  Or you can Contact SafetyNet Security 250-830-8343. Thank you!


  1. Wondering about Kapoor mainline gate before you get to Kapoor hill. I assume its because of extreme fire hazard, but also heard could be because of bridge work. Can you clarify please?

    1. Kapoor mainline and the gates associated with it, belong to both Timberwest and Island Timberlands. These gates are only to be accessed by those working in the woods - not for public access.

  2. I had visitors asking about hiking past gates to see the stand of large trees. Is that not allowed then? I'm confused i thought you could hike into this area? I was also just asking if there was bridge work being done somewhere behind the gates as someone thought they read it in a paper somewhere.

    1. During heat shut-downs we do not allow any type of access to our land other than authorized personnel. So to answer your question and avoid further confusion please do not go past any of our closed/locked gates during this heat shut-down.

      As for bridge work, we are continually working on our infrastructure throughout our property. To notify or respond to inquiries regarding where or what we are working on would be administratively exhausting.