Friday, October 7, 2016

Firewood Opportunities for the Long Weekend of October 8th, 9th and 10th
You must carry your valid permit with you at all times.

Safety equipment requirements include chainsaw pants, sturdy work boots, eye protection and ear protection.

Firewood is for personal use only and not to be sold.

There will be random checks for Permits and Safety Equipment.  If you do not have a permit or adequate safety equipment our guards will ask you to leave the property.  Technical difficulties with online systems will not be an acceptable excuse for not having a permit, as there are other means to obtain a permit I.e. purchasing one from a local visitor centre. 

There are now 11 areas open for firewood this weekend.  They are:

Maps of the areas can be obtained from the Visitors Centres listed below, or if you choose to use the online payment option, maps will be generated once you have completed the required fields.

Check the "Access" section of this blog (below) for gate time openings and closings.

There are 2 methods to obtain a Firewood Permit:
  1. Go to  and click on the "Our Company" tab.  Click on the "Firewood Permit Application" icon.  This will take you to our payment portal where you'll be able to choose the general firewood areas that suit your needs, input your required administration information, pay for a permit, then receive an email permit to your home computer, tablet or smartphone.  Credit Cards and Paypal accounts are both accepted as a means of payment. 
  2. To purchase a paper copy of an Island Timberlands Firewood Permit, please contact the following Visitor Centres for hours of operation and for further assistance:
  • Cowichan Regional Visitor Centre:
    • Address: 2896 Drinkwater Rd, Duncan BC V9L6C2
    • Phone: 888-303-3337
  • Parksville Visitor Centre:
    • Address: 1275 East Island Hwy, Parksville BC V9P2G3
    • Phone: 250-248-3613
  • Port Alberni Visitor Centre:
    • Address: 2533 Port Alberni Hwy, Port Alberni BC V9Y8P2
    • Phone: 250-724-6535


  1. hi there I was just wondering if we where able to cut on the 142 main at about the 6km mark thanks
    1. No. The 2 areas continue to be 155-72 and 155-114. We have had numerous reports of the public cutting firewood in this block and the ones further up 155-72. These blocks have been assigned to our Commercial Firewood cutters and they have a vested interest in the products that they remove and the equipment they have purchased. Our guards will be making a concerted effort this Long Weekend to ensure the Public are cutting their firewood in the designated areas. Appreciate your question.


  1. Hey and good morning Your permit system won't let me take out a permit for this day. I am going to try to get a permit for next weekend and use it today. It is the only thing I can think of to do. Any other suggestions?

  2. you could go to one of the three visitor centers.

  3. Any areas near Nanaimo open October 22-23?

  4. The blog is usually updated every Thursday afternoon.