Monday, October 17, 2016


Please be aware that Island Timberlands has begun a fire hazard abatement program which includes controlled burning of woody debris.


Island Timberlands is committed to safety and reducing the risk of wildfire. As per our legal requirement under the Wildfire Act, we are required to reduce fuels on the site after harvest.


Island works to  improve utilization through secondary salvage opportunities, such as firewood sales and grinding.  Any significant fuels that remain after salvage must be piled and burned.


Collectively, these methods greatly reduce forest fuels for the safety of nearby communities and adjacent forests.


Pile burning is conducted by experienced workers, under controlled conditions, and is regulated and permitted by the Province. Workers ensure that  environmental conditions are suitable before burning, and continually monitor local conditions.


Island Timberlands maintains a strong relationship with the Coastal Fire Centre and ensures our operations are in line with our legal responsibilities.


Public access is restricted in areas where we are conducting controlled burning. Please be on the look-out for signs, like the one below, that indicate where we are active.

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