Thursday, December 1, 2016

Access Information for the Weekend of Dec 3rd and 4th

Weather Notice: There are snow conditions in some areas that may or may not be reflected by gate closures.  Access areas with caution.

The following openings/closures are in effect for this weekend:

  • Cameron Main: Open 
  • Loon Lake: Open
  • Horne Lake North (HLN 200): CLOSED
  • Ash Main: Open 6:30 AM - Closed 4:00 PM
  • Comox Main: Open 6:00 AM - Closed 3:30 PM
    • Gates closed at Comox 16.5 Km and 21.5 KM
  • Museum Main: Open
  • Northwest Bay:  Open 6:00 AM - Closed 4:00 PM 
  • Chemainus Main (Copper Canyon):  Open 6:00 AM - Closed at 4:00 PM
    • Gate is closed at 22 KM
  • Mines Road: Open 7:00 AM - Closed 1:30 PM
  • Glenora (Shawnigan):  Open 6:00 AM - Closed at 4:00 PM
  • Buckley Bay:  Open 6:00 AM - Closed 2:00 PM
  • Ashling Road (Spider Lake): Open 8:00 AM - Closed 4:00 PM
  • Oyster River:  Open 6:00 AM - Closed 2:00 PM
    • Gates at Oyster 16.5 KM and Oyster 1100 are closed due to snow
  • Northwest Bay:  Open 6:00 AM - Closed 4:00 PM
  • Nanaimo River Camp:  Open 6:00 AM - Closed 3:00 PM

Please note, on weekdays in cases where access is closed, gates may still be open to facilitate access by operational equipment and vehicles.  Note any open gates may be closed at any time.

Please enjoy your weekend safely!


This season, gate time openings and closing may be different from previous years.  Oyster River and Buckley Bay will be open at 6:00 AM and close at 2:00 PM.    Note - All gate times and area openings are subject to change;  continue to check the blog for updates. 

RAPP - Report All Poachers and Polluters:
Conservation Officer 24 Hour Hotline 1-877-952-RAPP (7277)

Unauthorized Access

Unless otherwise noted in this blog, all of Island Timberlands' Property is closed to the public during the week, this includes hunting.  Unauthorized access, at any time, will not be tolerated and mobile Security patrols are active 24/7 to enforce this policy.  

Off-Roading is not permitted on Island Timberlands Property.  Please respect the environment and keep your vehicles on the main travelled roads at all times.

No fires, camping, target practice/shooting or off-road vehicles (i.e. ATVs, UTVs, buggies or side-by-sides)  are permitted on our property, unless authorized by Island Timberlands.

Don't let the few Criminals ruin access for everyone! If you see any suspicious activities on our lands you can report them!  Do not put yourself in an unsafe situation or confrontation.

Contact SafetyNet Security 250-830-8343 or 1-800-663-5555 

Or at: *

*On our home page, and at the bottom right hand corner, hover your pointer on the word "Contact", select, then go to the Type of Enquiries drop down.  Select "Report Suspicious Activities" make sure you also enter in the random passcode which appears just below your message. 

Thank you!

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