Thursday, March 23, 2017

Firewood Opportunities for the Weekend of March 25 and 26th 2017

To purchase an Island Timberlands Firewood Permit and the accompanying maps, please contact the following Visitor Centers:
  • Cowichan Regional Visitor Centre:
    • Address: 2896 Drinkwater Rd, Duncan BC V9L6C2
    • Phone: 888-303-3337
  • Parksville Visitor Centre:
    • Address: 1275 East Island Hwy, Parksville BC V9P2G3
    • Phone: 250-248-3613
  • Port Alberni Visitor Centre:
    • Address: 2533 Port Alberni Hwy, Port Alberni BC V9Y8P2
    • Phone: 250-724-6535
The following table displays the cost of a firewood permit.  Visitor Centers and Fund Raiser Groups use the same cost structure.

You must carry your valid permit with you at all times.

Check the "Access" section of this blog for gate time openings and closings.

Unless otherwise noted, Public and Fund Raiser Firewood opportunities are for weekends only.

 *NLR 45 gate will be open at 8:00 am and be closed at 4:00 pm

Safety equipment requirements include: chainsaw pants, sturdy work boots, eye and ear protection

Firewood is for personal use only and not to be sold.

***Notice - There have been incidents where people have been cutting firewood in non-authorized areas.  These areas may be allocated for our Commercial Firewood Cutters and the Public is not permitted to cut firewood in these areas.  Please be respectful to our Commercial Firewood cutters and only cut firewood in the areas outlined below.

There will be random checks for Permits and Safety Equipment.  If you do not have a permit or adequate safety Equipment your firewood may be confiscated, and you will be asked to leave the property. 

The following areas are open for firewood this weekend.  They are:


  1. The NLR45 wood lot. It says new site, does that mean a different area within the gate than the last couple weekends? Or the same?

  2. When are you going to open firewood cutting in Shawnigan or Chemainus Division? Many people in the Cowichan Valley depend on your woodlots as they can not afford Hydro or gas as their heating source.Please remember us down hear too.

    1. Snow is still an issue in the Chemainus Operation and is preventing access to any firewood cut-blocks. We will make a concerted effort to have something available in the Shawnigan Operation over the coming weeks.

  3. Hello. Is there any way to get permission to ATV along Comox Lake main logging road. I'm 57 years old and love the ability to gain access to some fantastic scenery that I can't access otherwise. I have insurance and am a member of a very responsible ATV club. I don't believe that I am any threat to your business.

  4. Will Glenora or mines Rd have any firewood openings soon ??

    1. We're hoping to make some public firewood available in the Shawnigan/Glenora Operation soon. There is no firewood available in the Mines Road area in the foreseeable future.

  5. Will you be putting more more wood in at Northwest Bay for firewood

    1. More wood has been brought to the NWB Pit - there is approx. 2 weekends worth of firewood available.